Weekend Update: Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Nashville

But you know what, it wouldn't have been anything without everyone who had been part of it along the way. I wouldn’t have started running without people like Justin Rearden, Hilary Atamian, Kelly Turek, Megan Conner, Taylor Lewis, Jenny Aguilar, Jordan Herbert, and so so many others who told me I could. I wouldn’t have kept running if nobody had wanted to run with me. I wouldn’t be anything without the people who are closest to me who lift me up through everything that I do. Because, who are we if we’re not connecting and sharing that with other people? 

And you guys, the point here isn’t to pick up running, although, if you want to you absolutely can. The point is to do everything and anything you want to do, even when, especially when it’s uncomfortable… and to do it with people you love.


To love and be loved you know? That’s the only way.

hug me when i'm bummy

"love me when i'm ugly, hug me when I'm bummy" - chance the rapper reminding us that we need love no matter what we have going on on any given day, cause yall, some days i'm kinda ugly and some days i'm kinda bummy. (i've been listening to a lot of rap since the grammys)

I am not a runner

This isn’t an underdog story. I’m not here to tell you a dazzling story of a non-runner winning the Boston Marathon. I’m not here to tell you a story of a former body-hater becoming an over night sensational body-lover. I’m just here to tell you my story. To tell you that you’re invited to join me.  To tell you that growth takes time and authenticity takes trial and error. To tell you that, if you don’t like running, great. That’s fine by me! To tell you that I have zero intention in ever running a full marathon… although maybe I will. How’s one to know what I’ll want to do in the next few years. Right now, this feels authentic to me and it absolutely feels like I place I can grow. So, right now, I’m rolling with that! 

Heartfelt Thoughts: Avoiding Unwanted Pounds

So as far as avoiding those “unwanted” pounds over the holidays goes… fucking eat what you want! Gain a few pounds. Stop spending your life’s precious moments obsessing over your weight and instead, enjoy. Enjoy whatever it is that you do. Watch your body in motion. Notice the messages that you see on social media and hear from your friends… does the messaging align with you loving yourself? Ask questions. Have opinions. Would you say that to someone you love? No?! Then don't say that to yourself. Take it back. Say something kind. Think for yourself. Lean into love.

Skinny isn't a compliment...

Changing the conversation happens by speaking up - instead of saying, “thank you” when someone tells you that you look skinny or thin, it’s letting them know that you’re feeling especially healthy and full of energy. Or you know what, maybe you’ve been sick and haven’t really had much of an appetite and you don’t feel well. Instead of complimenting a little girl on how pretty she is, try telling her that she lights up your whole room with her contagious energy. Try telling little boys that you appreciate it when they’re honest. Tell your friends that you value them because you feel really safe being vulnerable with them. Honor society by lifting each other up. Honor each other by complimenting what’s important, by complimenting things that really matter. 

#girlboss... It's bullshit.

Calling someone a #girlboss is like calling Venus and Serena Williams Black Female Athletes. It’s demeaning. It’s humiliating really. Prefacing their superior athletic ability with their skin color and gender takes away from the power and strength of their life-long, world-renowned practice and dedication to their sport. They are black females by birth. They are superior athletes by hard work and grit

On Being: Kind (to Fear)

Dear Fear,  I see you. I appreciate you being there and doing your best to take care of me. Thank you for asking for answers. Right now though, I don’t have anything for you. Because of my lack of answers, I’m letting Faith handle this one. Thank you and please be quiet now.