Bloom Where You Are Planted

Bloom where you are planted means bloom as a daisy in a field of poppies. They both need full sun right? Bloom where you are planted is knowing that just because you’re a poppy in a field of other poppies, it’s still important for you to bloom! Because you’re the only damn poppy who is you! Are you following me here?! 

SweatCation + getFIT787 + Rincon, Puerto Rico

Does it feel authentic to who I am and what I do to lead a retreat where we make sure that we workout and sweat every day? Absolutely it does. I know for certain that getting grounded in your body with a beautiful view, fresh food, excellent company, downtime, sunlight, daily meditations, rest, conversation, horses, paddle boarding and water is one of the best ways to come to life feeling rejuvenated, full, nourished and well-rested. And that feels 100% authentic to me.

I Don't Fuck With You

I Don't Fuck With You. You guys, this song is really speaking to me right now. Lemme tell you my favorite line: I've got a million trillion things that I'd rather fucking do than to be fucking with you (Got a million things on my mind... limited amount of time)

Recharge Your Battery

Imma tell you about my weekend. It was intentional and it was perfect. It was slow but full. And I put my phone down. I put my emails away. I got things done but I wasn’t ever running late to anything or busting ass to get somewhere. I didn’t rush through this weekend. I ate gelato. 

Heartfelt: a weekend away with Kate Moore + Ruby Chandler

I learned this weekend that expectations set us up for failure especially when they are not communicated. I learned that I have some goals that I'm not currently working towards so I'm going to have to make some changes. I'm learning to be kind to my grief and my sadness when it comes up. I'm learning that I crave partnership and connection in both business and personal. I value authentic connection and when that doesn't happen from both parties, I feel that, and it doesn't feel good for me so I need space. I love leading and I also love learning.

Weekend Update: Rock n' Roll Half Marathon Nashville

But you know what, it wouldn't have been anything without everyone who had been part of it along the way. I wouldn’t have started running without people like Justin Rearden, Hilary Atamian, Kelly Turek, Megan Conner, Taylor Lewis, Jenny Aguilar, Jordan Herbert, and so so many others who told me I could. I wouldn’t have kept running if nobody had wanted to run with me. I wouldn’t be anything without the people who are closest to me who lift me up through everything that I do. Because, who are we if we’re not connecting and sharing that with other people? 

And you guys, the point here isn’t to pick up running, although, if you want to you absolutely can. The point is to do everything and anything you want to do, even when, especially when it’s uncomfortable… and to do it with people you love.


To love and be loved you know? That’s the only way.

hug me when i'm bummy

"love me when i'm ugly, hug me when I'm bummy" - chance the rapper reminding us that we need love no matter what we have going on on any given day, cause yall, some days i'm kinda ugly and some days i'm kinda bummy. (i've been listening to a lot of rap since the grammys)