getFIT615 is Nashville's friendliest group fitness gym and personal training studio on Music Row. We have everything from cardio to strength training including kettlebells, TRX, rowing, and more!

Sweatonomy (n): you have complete autonomy over your sweat-sesh.

We’re here to guide you, we’re here to help in the best way that we can, we’re here to encourage and empower you to do what you need and to invite you to connect to your body. This class can be as simple or as challenging as you make it - but that’s up to you. We believe in intuitive movement and we believe that means you know what’s best for you. We’re not here to kick your ass, we’re not here to make you feel small or weak or defeated, and we’re not here to tell you to change the way you are or the way that you look. We think you’re great just as you are.

We hope to create a space where you feel safe enough to move in a way that serves you - according to you. If you have big gym-goals, great! Share those with us and we’ll help you meet them. If you have zero gym-goals, that’s great too! We believe in moving for the sake of moving.

We believe in body liberation (a term coined and championed by women of color) - that means becoming free from all of society’s bullshit. Liberation n: “the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression.” We’re anti-racist. Anti-fatphobic. Anti-homophobic. Anti-transphobic. Anti-patriarchy. We are pro-human, pro-truth, pro-compassion, pro-equity, and pro-growth.

We believe that this process of liberation starts with ourselves, and part of that means that you can make all of your own choices when you go to the gym.

We’re glad you’re here no matter how you’re here.


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