Meet Hilary and Justin! 

Hilary is getFIT615's head Personal Trainer and Tallest Blonde and Justin Rearden is our resident (and self-proclaimed) Gazelle and together, they are so excited to help you train for your next Half or full Marathon!


Hilary Atamian Personal Training GetFit615
Justin Rearden getFIT615

Run Club:

Wednesday Nights

at 5:30pm - this will be a shorter run - you can expect anywhere between 3-5 miles!

Saturday Mornings

9am - long run time... expect more than 4 and we'll work up to 11 as we get stronger and faster!

Run Club is free and open to anyone and everyone!

Marathon Training Packages:


$20-$30 depending on the workshop. These will take place specific Saturdays at the gym before Saturday's long run. As they get scheduled, they will be listed here. 

Personalized Training Program:

$125 - fill in your info in the form below and Hilary will get back to you ASAP and get your rock n rolling (get it?! That's the name of the marathon in April)

Name *