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RISE, Inc.


RISE, Inc.

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Founder: Brittany Dobbs


Brittany is the founder of RISE, a non-profit operated out of New York City and Nashville. Board members include Kate Moore, of getFIT615, Sarah Bills, Natalie Townsend, and Catherine Tuck.

Brittany is passionate about the children and community that surround First Chance Education Centre. She has been working with the school and its director, Mama Lucy, since her first service trip to Tanzania in 2015. Inspired by the children, especially one little girl named Amilen, and the people she met, who value education and learning, Brittany has committed to serve as patron of the school (translation: She’s dedicated to doing everything she can to help the Centre grow into a reliable home base for families and young children in Moshi).


Why is getFIT615 involved?

At getFIT615, we’re driven by a bold sense of belonging – to our community, to our city, to each other and to the world. We met Brittany in 2016 while she was training to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and as we were settling into our home at 65 Music Row. Brittany shared her experiences working in Tanzania with us and we were inspired. The getFIT615 community is a diverse, thriving and authentic group committed to redefining “fit” and building wellness for life every chance we get. [We’re NOT just talking bodies.] Brittany’s work with First Chance reflects the things our community values most, so we just knew it was the right fit. After all, we think we shine brightest when we’re helping each other, here at home and around the world, grow in love and support. Go to Moshi, Tanzania? Who are we not to?!

Tanzania is one of the most politically stable countries in Africa. With goals of expanding and improving early childhood care and education and ensuring that all children – particularly, girls – have access to free primary education, the government of Tanzania provides free education to all children; however, many barriers remain. Families are required to pay small fees to fund school uniforms for each child, transportation to and from school, and lunch for each student. Many families in the area simply can’t afford it and many children in the area are living as orphans or lack the family structure necessary to support their education. We can help.

We went to Tanzania for the first time in September 2017 and we'll be going every single year from now until forever. Join us!

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Amka Pamoja

Rise Together

Amka Pamoja

Rise Together



Saturdays 10am - 12pm


Christ Lutheran Church, 299 Haywood Lane, Nashville, TN 37211


On Saturdays from 10am - noon, you can find us at Christ Lutheran Church on Haywood Ln. with about 25 kids from East Africa who are all working on their english and trying to navigate this whole America thing. Let's help. 

You don't have to be a teacher. You don't have to speak Swahili. All you have to do is show up for two hours on a Saturday morning to help some kids who could really use it.

Amka Pamoja means Rise Together

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Pamoja Tunaweza

together we can

Pamoja Tunaweza

together we can


Using PayPal, donate directly at

Using Venmo, send your donation to @rise_tochange


Have you ever climbed part of Mt. Kilimanjaro, seen a lion up close, slept under the African stars, or influenced the lives of a whole community? This is your chance.

getFIT615 and RISE are organizing our second 12 day trip to Moshi, Tanzania, in collaboration with First Chance Education Centre. The visit will focus on efforts to support the First Chance Education Centre, an early childhood education center for children ages 2 - 5, through working directly with children in the community and assisting the administration establish exercise and nutrition programs. Funds raised for the trip will ensure that children can safely get to school each day, enable the Centre to hire qualified teachers and administrators, increase the nutritional value of school meals, and cover travel expenses for participants. The trip, August 23, 2018 to September 4, 2018, will also include once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro, visit a local Maasai community and explore the Ngorongoro Crater – one of Africa’s seven natural wonders!

Trip Details and Costs



August 23 - September 5

  • Expected to depart Nashville on August 23rd, arriving in Tanzania on the 24th

  • And departing Tanzania on the evening of September 4th, arriving in Nashville on the 5th



So, we’ve officially named this safari [translation: journey] Pamoja Tunaweza or Together We Can. Our goal is to raise enough money to send a group to Moshi that represents the best of our community – all of you guys! – and provide First Chance with the tools it needs to continue to grow and thrive long after our visit.

Once we arrive in Tanzania, we’ll have the opportunity to explore Moshi, interact in the community, and get our bearings.

On Day 3, we’ll travel an hour from Moshi Town to Park Gate and spend the day hiking along the Marangu Route of Mt. Kilimanjaro to Mandara Hut – the first hut along the route.  

On Day 4, the real fun begins. We’ll spend the week working with the staff at First Chance Education Centre, interacting with the students, serving the school, teaching children and families about movement, and, most importantly, being students of their culture.

To cap off our visit, we’ll have the opportunity to visit a Maasai village, spend a night under the African stars, and enjoy a #joysafari in the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater before returning home.

This is a big task and a big trip. It will be all hands on deck, but Together We Can extend our community to some of the farthest reaching parts of the world. Not sure if you can travel? We’d love for you to commit to supporting Together We Can in other ways!  




We will stay in a house right near the school with running water, electricity (when available), bathrooms, showers, and a kitchen. It is within walking distance to First Chance Education Centre and the Honey Badger Lodge.




A cook will prepare the majority of our meals- breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There will be some evenings that we will go to the restaurants in town.




  • $3,500 per person
  • $500 non-refundable deposit due at the time of registration. Final acceptance date for registration is May 1, 2018. 




  • April 15th:       $600
  • May 15th:        $600
  • June 15th:       $600
  • July 15th:         $600
  • August 15th:   $600




Each person will be responsible for raising a minimum of $3,500 for the trip. This will include housing, activities, most meals, in-country transport, visas, and the projects at school. We will work together to help everyone achieve their goal. 

Not included in this fundraising:

  • Round-trip flights
  • Any Vaccines (depending on your insurance and previous vaccinations, this could cost up to $500)
  • Trip Insurance and Health Insurance - we will let you know what to sign up for but this will be an individual cost of roughly $100
  • Some Meals

If you are part of the Together We Can team please use the buttons below to find any information you need! Pages are password protected and you will have been given a password. If you have questions, please email or