Duality :: a co-ed weekend for leaders

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Duality :: a co-ed weekend for leaders


a co-ed weekend for leaders :: not yet available for sign ups.

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Welcome to Duality - a co-ed retreat for leaders.

Who we are is light + dark. We are students + teachers. We are strong + soft. We have fun + are challenged. We are hard workers + and masters of flow. We are both feminine + masculine. We are grounded + growing. We are courageous + doubtful. We are experts + beginners. We are givers + receivers. We are consistent and spontaneous. We are open + set clear boundaries. We are vulnerable + powerful beyond measure. We are love + fear.

We are not right or wrong. We are not pretty or ugly. We are not good or bad or better than.

Duality does not separate us, it makes us who we are. We are duality.

When we recognize this duality, we are able to powerfully hold space for each other with empathy + understanding.

When we see the whole picture, both the light and the dark, we’re able to meet each other exactly where we are - because, at the core, we are all of these things. We are all duality.


At this retreat, you expect the following:


- Expect to do burpees

- Expect to hold half pigeon for at least 5 minutes

- Expect to take your shirt off


- Expect to be nourished (trust us)

Svadhyaya - Svadhyaya is the practice of understanding yourself

- Expect to get honest

- Expect journaling + sharing

- Expect the uncomfortable

- Expect time for yourself

- Expect tools to take with you to continue this work

- Expect to learn, again and again, that this work is never complete

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