$10 First Class or 30 days for $30*

Monthly Packages

Monthly packages are will renew automatically each month on the purchase date for a minimum of 3 months. Unused classes will not roll-over to the following month.

Month-to-Month Unlimited $120

Month-to-Month 12 per Month $105

Month-to-Month 5 per Month $55

1 Year Unlimited $1000

Month-to-Month Unlimited Shakti Power Yoga and GetFit615 $150**

Class Packs

10 Visits $130

(limited time) Drop In $15

1 Week Unlimited $40

Private Group Class

Think bachelor/bachelorette group, student group, team building... how fun!

$120 for up to 16 guests

Schedule this by emailing us: happysweating@getfit615.com

* either of these introductory offers may be purchased if it's your very first visit to getFIT615. Been to getFIT615 before? Please purchase a month-to-month membership, a class pack or a drop in. 

**this option cannot be purchased online - please email Riki with getFIT615 at happysweating@getfit615.com AND Murn with Shakti Power Yoga at murnburn@gmail.com to set up this pricing option - on your credit card statement, you will see $75 from getFIT615 and $75 from Shakti Power Yoga monthly.

**** if you are a fitness professional (visiting or local) and are actively teaching classes, we have a special price option for you - please email happysweating@getfit615.com for info. We'd love to have you!