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Meet Hilary - 

Hilary is getFIT615's head Personal Trainer and Tallest Blonde.

Hilary moved to Nashville in July of 2015 with her husband, and Bella and Wrigley... their pups. She quickly found a home at Shakti Power Yoga and getFIT615. She completed her yoga teacher training with Shakti’s EmPower School of Yoga and is excited to apply a well-rounded physical practice to her coaching. She adores the positive energy and welcoming community that she has connected to at 65 Music Sq. East.

Hilary grew up an athlete. She played college volleyball, and is currently an avid runner. You can find her on Instagram at @gritandglowandgrace - why grit and glow? Because her goal is to empower students to find their inner toughness, determination and grit to achieve glowing and healthy spirits, minds, bodies and unity! Why grace? Because a grit and glow don’t go a very long way unless they’re met with a little bit of grace along the way. Also, because Hilary became a mother in December 2018 to Sophia Grace and she’s in love.

Email Hilary with any questions below: hilary@getfit615.com

Alexis Smith Personal Trainer getFIT615

Dear Alexis,

We have absolutely loved having you on our team. The way you connect with your clients and the way you allow and accept folks just as they are is beautiful. I’m so sad you’re leaving us AND I’m so proud of you in your next chapter. We’re always here. Always rooting for you and with you. We are forever on your team.

xo, kate + squad

Alexis is moving to Harvard Med School in August 2019. She is no longer taking on new clients but I didn’t have the heart to remove her from this section of the website just yet.

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