You are helping me to see every day after every class to not focus on the numbers, that the scale doesn’t always define the hard work put in, to not compare myself to others, that my almost 40 body could kick the butt of any younger version of myself, that I am strong and fit and am capable of anything I put my mind and muscles to! THANK YOU!!
— Mirm
This place is fantastic! The vibe is very welcoming, and it’s like working out with your family. The classes will definitely get your heart pumping and make your muscles sore (in a good way). Check it out. :)
— Ginny
This gym is fantastic!! It’s an incredibly positive space and you have no idea how hard you are working because Kate is such a wonderful trainer. You will feel it the next day for sure tho. Try it out and you’ll be hooked!
— Matt
Stepping out of our comfort zone means dropping the stories and patterns of the past * For 3 years I’ve immersed myself exclusively in yoga. Without realizing it I was making up all types of stories about why the gym was a bad place, full of competition and superficial people who were working out for the *wrong* reasons. I had decided that yoga was the *right* thing, committing to the belief that my way of being was better so I didn’t have to face all of my stories and negative judgements that were keeping me safe in my comfort zone of righteousness. I’ve realized that so much of what keeps me in my comfort zone, constricting the possibilities of life, is fear. Fear that I won’t be good enough, fear that I’ll be judged, fear of the unknown. When that fear sets in it’s usually easier to make up stories about why being open, accepting and willing to try something new isn’t worth it than face all the unsweetened truth of myself. Thank you Kate Moore, Mary Nell Roberts, and getFIT615 for showing me how limiting those patterns of my past were, for creating such a fun, beautiful, safe space for people to push themselves and be empowered! Thanks for making this little Yogini feel right at home in the gym. The magic happens outside your comfort zone* Let go of being *right*. Let go of limiting beliefs. Be open. Feel all the different forms of magic this world has to offer. Commit to growth.
— Katie
I just wanted to reach out and let you know what a great space getFIT615 has been for me. I know you already know it’s great! I’ve been coming to morning classes for the last several months and have really loved it. I have felt so supported by all the teachers, and especially Barb, Jessi, and Riki. Like a lot of folks, I have lots of conflicting feelings about the “exercise and fitness” world. I grew up as an athlete in a bigger body, which makes this even more complex.

There are few gym/wellness/exercise spaces that I can walk into and not feel angry and saddened by the insidious body shaming/diet culture/fatbphobia that goes on. There is never mention of “bikini bodies” or “cheat days” or anything harmful in those ways. I have been doing a lot of work personally and professionally around the health at every size movement, as well as the notions of non-judgment and radical self love. My work is primarily with survivors of sexual trauma and I’m going to be starting a yoga teacher training next year, and hope to further my work in the world of bodies, trauma, and healing. So getFIT615 has been a really well timed part of my life. And I know that when I walk in, I’ll be supported, sweat a lot, and be happy to be moving my body! So really, I just wanted to say thank you :)
— Sarah Jordan
I cannot say enough positive things about getFIT615 and its owner/trainer/beating heart Kate Moore. This may be the first time in my life that I have not only enjoyed exercising, but that its truly worked for improving my body, mind, and spirit. I realized this recently when I went stand-up paddleboarding for the first time in my life. I have been with getFIT615 for about 3 months now, and when I joined I was just coming off of an almost yearlong surgical recovery. I had absolutely no strength in any muscle in my body, including my core (where my surgery had actually happened). Kate not only got me back into a routine of exercise, but helped me modify everything so that I could get stronger and improve at every class. Three months later, standing on that paddleboard in a choppy river, feeling stable and strong and paddling for almost 3 miles (with only one fall, which wasn’t even my fault!) I understood exactly how much this gym had really done for me.

First of all, there are several 45-minute classes per day, so it’s really easy to find time in your schedule to make it happen. Every single class is different as well. You will never have the same workout twice. You sweat, you pant, you feel like you can’t finish and yet you do every time, and it works. The people here, including Kate, are welcoming and supportive, whether they are first timers or seasoned vets. getFIT615 fosters a community of people who are there to work, and work hard. Do not come here thinking you will have a moment to sit in those 45 minutes. You will be busting you ass and before you know it you’re done. It’s high intensity interval training that’s mixed up every day with your entire body being the focus each time. You will feel it even months after coming here. You will get stronger, faster, more confident, and you will love everything about being here. I actually get really upset if I can’t make it here once a day.

It’s not a chore to workout here, its actually fun. I have raved about it to everyone I know. If you come here, and you work, you will see real results in how you feel. I am back into clothes I hadn’t been able to wear since my surgery, and the lingering pain from that whole process has almost entirely disappeared as my strength comes back. Kate has done something truly wonderful here with this intimate facility. She may be one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever seen. She gives everyone assistance as they need it and guides you through every workout (and makes sure you know each exercise before you even start). I have also learned a lot more about stretching and healthy eating from her than any other fitness pro I’ve ever encountered. You can’t help but be drawn in by someone as passionate about his or her work as Kate is. She is committed to each person that comes into her gym. She will encourage you and push you and even though I tease her when I see the workouts and think, “oh dear God no that’s gonna hurt and man I don’t like you right now Kate,” I leave smiling and excited for the next time I get to go. This is more than a gym, it’s a place and a person that will inspire you to reach physical goals you never thought possible.

Before my surgery, I completed my first triathlon. I will do another next month, something I didn’t think I would ever do again, because of my time at getFIT615. I swim stronger, bike faster, and run better now than ever before. This is the best investment you can make in your physical health. I have joined other gyms in the past that never gave me the same results I get here, because they never inspired me the way I have been inspired here. You will absolutely get back what you put into getFIT615. I’m beyond grateful for Kate and all she has done and continues to do, and thankful for the great people I have met here as well. There is no place in Nashville where you can get this kind of environment for exercise, and someone who cares as much about your health and fitness as Kate.
— Bridgette