I heard about FitBandz through J's Way Fitness because when I got to her class I noticed that Jackie had on this awesome headband... so we did some research - 


What are FitBandz?

FitBandz are a collection of turbans, fitness headbands and stylish headwear.  


What inspired FitBandz?

I would work out and my headband always fell off, was wimpy, or unsubstantial - meaning it was too thin and my hair world fold it over. I have A LOT of hair and needed something cute, strong, and absorbent. 


How are FitBandz different from other headbands?

They are all handmade and made out of unique fabric prints and designs. The lining is a material that absorbs moisture and allows it to dry instead of just getting saturated with sweat. The headbands can either be Velcro or have an elastic band in the back. Plus, I've tested the headbands on regular folks like me and you. We don't have any famous paid models. The people who use our headbands are real people who sweat and stink and then have to go home to and cook dinner!! 


Tell us about RayBandz Custom Jewelry - is everything handmade?

Everything is handmade in my guest room/office/craft room etc. I try to use as many sustainable and eco-friendly products as possible. 


You’re a local Nashville Business - how did you get started?

I started making jewelry for my boyfriend and it turned something other people liked. Making jewelry and headbands is a creative outlet for me. I truly enjoy creating new things and sitting back like "hey, I did that!" It's very rewarding. I'm originally from Cincinnati (Who Dey go Bengals), and moved the business to Nashville when I re-located. I do have a website so most items can be accessed worldwide. 


How do you like to get sweaty?

I enjoy spinning, weight lifting, swimming, and hanging out with my dog Ocho. 


Other than FitBandz, what are some other must-have items for your workout?

A great sports bra!!! I think all my ladies would agree and also I really enjoy my Nike Roshe Runs! 


How else do you stay healthy in Nashville?

Recently I went paddle boarding on the Cumberland and it was great, really hot but great! I also enjoy going to Js Way Fitness classes, they are fun cardio and strengths training circuits in 12 South.