As you know, I have had an amazing experience with Practice Studios. It's an amazing group of people and an amazing workout all in one. You can read more about what I think about them here...


Scott and Eden (husband and wife power owners from Malibu) were sweet enough to answer a couple questions for us to share with you:



So what is Practice?

Practice is a spectacular one-hour class that makes people stronger, improves their balance and flexibility and reduces their biological age. It’s designed to be highly effective for women and men of different shapes and sizes.


How did you all come up with the program?

Practice was born from work over the past seven years delivering the programs to major celebrities in Malibu and around the world. The design goal was a more complete workout, that was effective and intense but didn’t hurt people.


How did you get started working with some of the Celebrities?

One at a time :)


Why Nashville?

We opened Nashville as the first studio in the country and as our facility for Teacher Training. We wanted a place that teachers from around the country (and world), would want to come to visit. Who doesn’t want to visit Nashville?


What brought you all to the health and fitness world?

We’ve over-invested in an enormous amount of self-experimentation towards our own health and fitness goals.  Eden was a competitive figure skater, and Scott was a big-wall climber and ultra-marathon runner.  We’ve always loved the premium group exercise world, and after trying every imaginable program on the planet we decided that what we wanted didn’t exist.  So we made it.


Tell us about the Farmer Diet?

Farmer Diet is best friends with Practice.  It is a pattern of consumption, where you don’t have to count calories.  You just eat real food, and we’ve designed it to make it easy to replace your bad habits with new healthy good habits.  It also helps to solve the critical problem of eating well in a time-starved world, where people eat poorly because they are in a hurry.  

The problems with the world’s health started when food was sent from the farmer to the food processing facility, instead of right to your table.  So many great things happen when you cut out the middle person, and that’s a central theme to Farmer Diet.

There is both a free version where you are on your own, and a paid version with weekly checkins and progress towards your goal of health and happiness.  It’s great for fat-loss, and it works completely with laws of nature with some extra rocket boosters from the latest and greatest in bio-hacking techniques.

It’s important to feed the body and feed the brain.  We also think real farmers doing it right need a helping hand.  So we have some really interesting approaches we’re rolling out there to make it easier for people to buy the highest quality food, direct from the original producer.  


Tell us about the Grand Opening happening on May 29th?

We’re so grateful to be here in Nashville. The Grand Opening is to connect with the friends and family of Practice, and it’s an event so that new people can come to the studio and have a fun night with us.


Tell us about the 30-day challenge Practice is currently offering?

The 30-Day Challenge is for people to do Practice 20 out of 30 days in a row.  We have had a number of people complete their challenges, and it’s the best way to experience life-changing results.  You measure in at the start, and we provide professional photography for before and after results.  You’ll notice when you are standing in line at the Turnip Truck that your posture has changed, you are functionally stronger and that life is just better.   Get your challenge on


I hear Practice is going to expand world-wide. Where will we be able to find Practice?

We’re creatures of habit with a lot of stamps on our passports.  We’re going to be in the major markets, but we’re also going to places we know that will be a good fit for Practice. We’ll be announcing our openings as we get closer to their launch dates, and are just truly excited to bring Practice to as many people as we can.  We’ll also be offering our worldwide program shortly where people can Practice from locations where we don’t have studios opened (yet).


Practice is such an open and welcoming environment - why is that so important to y'all?

Just that we consider Practice to be made by the entire village of people around us. Our supporters, die-hard fans, members, advisors and friends who every day surprise us by their continuous hard work, Practice, support and love. We believe that great breakthroughs and inventions can occur through the idea of a “silent witness”, where we humbly as founders bring it it into the world as witnesses, and the mountain of Practice gets built by all of us in the village.

Every person who comes through the door leave better than when they enter. That simple mission motivates us to keep climbing the mountain to bring Practice to more people.


Thank you so much to you both for taking the time to talk about Practice with us! - 30-Day Challenge - Class Signup - Checkin for Class






And you can RSVP to their grand opening TOMORROW NIGHT 


As Scott and Eden always say, 

Yours in Practice,