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Let’s start here - I am not a therapist. Jessi (one of our teachers at getFIT615) is one, and you can go see her at Rooted Counseling in Green Hills if you’d like. This is different. This is a 75 minute session where you will talk about what you want, what you need, what you need more of and what you need less of. I'll listen and I'll ask questions. Each session will grow on the sessions before, as you continue growing and learning about what you want out of this life. I’ll ask you to get specific and clear with yourself. I’ll take a lot of notes for you, and then I’ll give them back to you. I’ll ask you how are you going to make that happen. I’ll ask you if that’s a realistic goal. I’ll as you why you want that. I’ll ask you how you want to feel and what you want to do. I’ll ask you to show up for yourself.


It all started when...

...someone asked me, "Kate, what do you want." Nobody had ever asked me that before and I've never stopped asking myself that. What do I want? How am I? How is my heart? Is this my truth? Is this authentic for me?

Somethings I want change as I grow and get clearer. But other things don't - one thing that I know I always want is authentic connection, so that's a requirement for me. It's a boundary I set. It's so important to me that I can feel it in my body when I haven't stood in my integrity - I can feel it in my body when someone doesn't show up in their integrity as well. I require it in my personal relationships and I require it in my working relationships - honesty, openness, kindness. This is how I make my heart happy. This is how I stand in my truth. This is how I cultivate authentic connection.

But it all started with someone asking me first. So I'm here to ask you - what is it that you want?

-xo, k

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All sessions are pre-paid and non refundable. All unused seasons will carry over to the following month and will expire within 3 months from purchase date. Appointments must be rescheduled or canceled 24 hours in advance to upcoming appointment time via email - There is no fee for a canceled or rescheduled appointment, however a session will be deducted from your package if Kate is not notified with 24+ hours notice. Kate will notify you no less than 24 hours prior to a session if she must cancel or reschedule.


All sessions are 75 minutes total. Clients are responsible for arriving on time and being prepared Kate will wait a maximum of 15 minutes after the scheduled start time. If you are running late, please email her at Please be respectful of our time together.

This is from page "H" of the book  A Little Radical  - it is a fabulous book for anyone who you want to empower.

This is from page "H" of the book A Little Radical - it is a fabulous book for anyone who you want to empower.