What is Heartfelt?

Heartfelt is a weekend away with Kate Moore, owner of getFIT615, and Ruby Chandler, owner of Shakti Power Yoga It is a weekend of gratitude, self-love, community, and laughter. Each day you can expect to enjoy breakfast with a view, yoga, discussion, nature, meditation, group workout, and delicious, fresh and local nourishment.

Self-love and self-work is a practice that is never-ending, but continually gratifying. This will be a time for you to connect and rejuvenate with like-hearted people. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to come back to this work often and to deepen your understanding of and connection to your most authentic self with love and affection.

Ruby Chandler is on a mission to raise the vibration of love, healing, and happiness. Kate Moore is on a mission of authenticity, empowerment and love. SHINE! Who are you not to?!

All meals, lodging and activities are included. All reservations and payments are non-refundable. Early bird pricing is available.

Unless otherwise noted, Heartfelt is held outside of Chattanooga on the Tennessee River. There will be carpooling. Transportation is not included.

**currently all Heartfelt retreats are for women only.

***Duality is a co-ed weekend for leaders taking place July 13-15

Notes about the house: the house does not have wifi, we will be sharing beds, there are plenty of sheets and towels and pillows, but feel free to bring anything that might make you more comfortable. There will be no TV and we ask that you be extremely mindful about the use of your cell phones.

As far as clothing goes: You’ll need some workout clothes, some yoga clothes and a bathing suit if you want to go swimming! Also, a change of clothes for discussion times.

Please also bring a journal, pen/pencil, and yoga mat - if you have a block or bolster that you enjoy having with you for discussion, bring that!

We will be providing food, wine, coffee, and snacks. Trust us, we’ve got you covered! Please let us know no later than 1 week before if you have any dietary needs.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to kate@getfit615.com or ruby@shaktiyogaathens.com


Heartfelt is committed to truth, connection and growth.

Our weekend together will follow this schedule:



Arrive after 5pm EST

6pm Yoga Practice

7:30pm Dinner and Conversation



7am Yoga Practice

8:30am Breakfast, Welcome, Journaling Exercise

10:30 Gathering

Noon Lunch

2pm Workout and Conversation

4pm Gathering

6:30pm Dinner and Conversation



7:30am Yoga Practice

8:30am Breakfast

10am Gathering

Noon - Go Home Shining!

The Heartfelt Way of Being:

1 - Be Respectful

Respect stands for being on time, practicing active listening, and committing to participation. ((At each gathering, we will have a clearing. This will give us all the opportunity to voice anything at all that may be distracting you from being completely present. We will then ask you to take that offline and set it aside during the discussion period.))


2 - Be Responsible

Take ownership of your actions and reactions. The first step to personal growth and self love, is taking responsibility for our lives. At Heartfelt, part of our goal is to equip you with the tools to continuously return to truth. In order to use these tools, we must first understand that we DO have the power to grow and change.


3 - Be a YES!

Say YES to being open, to trying on new things, to staying, to trusting, and to showing up 100%. Being a YES is not always comfortable, but know that in this space, you are loved, you are safe, and you are fully supported.

Why come to Heartfelt?!

"PSA: If anyone is on the fence about going to a Heartfelt Retreat... go ahead and jump on over! I've done many things like this and my Heartfelt Retreat is still one of the most transformative weekends of my life. I had a major breakthrough and deepened relationships. That weekend won't be my last one with Kate & Rubes ❤️🙏🏼🙌🏼 Take the time to go, you are more than worth it!" - Murn November 2016

"If you're thinking oh that sounds fun but I'm not sure about the cost/spending a whole weekend/making it work -- find a way. If you're thinking "well I need to get more of my shit together first, I don't want to bring allllllll of my shit there" -- bring all your messy shit. It's time to unpack. It's time to examine the harvest. I've never been more clear in my life than after spending a weekend with K&R." - Barb July 2017

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