I quit a steady desk job September 4, 2014.

I opened up a gym called GetFit615 on October 1, 2014.

I turned 25 December 12, 2014.

Here are some things I've learned in no particular order:

  1. People think about me a lot less than I think they do
  2. Being happy isn't very hard
  3. Worrying and complaining are two things that never fix anything
  4. Most of us live in the lie that, "I am not enough"
  5. Meeting people where they are is only possible if you let go of where you are
  6. Turning your phone face-down when you're talking to someone is wonderful
  7. I am not my body
  8. You can't "fix" somebody just because you want to
  9. Roommates are pretty great
  10. Country music isn't what it used to be
  11. I really like working
  12. Nobody knows everything, not even the people I admire most
  13. The best way to get something is to put it out there that you want it
  14. Lack of preparation on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine
  15. I am kind
  16. I am not responsible for other people's feelings
  17. The most important thing is authenticity
  18. Receiving praise/compliments makes me uncomfortable
  19. I might not be awesome at having a work-life balance
  20. The best piece of advice that I give is to speak to (and about) yourself the same way you speak to someone you love
  21. I don't have to be good at running to be "in shape"
  22. People don't care what your feet are doing, they just want to watch you dance
  23. I have a serious sweet tooth
  24. People know when you're faking
  25. More people than I even know support me
  26. Never buy electronics off of ebay
  27. I love naps and that doesn't make me lazy
  28. Eye contact is difficult
  29. I can be abrasive
  30. Feeling your feelings is the only way to move through them
  31. Just because it's been done before doesn't mean that you shouldn't do it too, because, it's never been done by you.
  32. Just because you think that time integrity is important doesn't mean that everyone else does too
  33. Never ask students or staff to do anything that you wouldn't do
  34. They probably recognize you too but are nervous you won't recognize them... say hello
  35. You can and MAY enjoy what you spend the majority of your day doing
  36. Getting my nails done is not something I enjoy
  37. The lie I have always lived is "I am fat"
  38. Taxes will never make sense to me
  39. You have fingernails but you are not fingernails. You have fat but you are not fat.
  40. Look, Listen, Give Tools
  41. My hair is best when I just let it do whatever it wants
  42. Honest and open communication is one of the single most important parts of any relationship
  43. I am not very detail oriented
  44. Other people aren't in control of your life
  45. First impressions are not everything
  46. I love it when someone tells me something that they've heard me tell them
  47. Yoga Teacher Training was the single best thing I have ever done for myself
  48. Just because you set a boundary doesn't mean that someone is going to respect that
  49. Sometimes the best way to have a great relationship with someone is to have some distance
  50. Outsourcing can be a wonderful thing
  51. People don't always want your advice even if it sounds like they're asking for it
  52. Come from we are connected
  53. Asking for help is not hard and it's a wonderful thing
  54. There is love. There is fear. 
  55. The best way to connect with someone is face to face... not texting, not a phone call, not emailing...
  56. What I put in my body directly affects my mood, my energy and my life
  57. Your parents don't know what's best for you - they love you, but they don't know what's best. You do.
  58. Structure supports intuition
  59. I don't know what I don't know and that's totally fine with me
  60. I am a do-er
  61. Fear doesn't get to be in control. Love does.
  62. Words give thoughts power
  63. Other people have already done what you're doing - learn from them
  64. Be a yes!
  65. People want to give you their advice
  66. "Thank you for your feedback" is a wonderful statement
  67. Coconut oil helps everything
  68. Scolding someone is never helpful
  69. People are not jerks (generally)
  70. Just because someone suffers from "resting bitch face" does not actually mean they are a bitch



Here are some photos from this wonderful journey, again, in no particular order: