Pear Shaped? Tall and lanky? Short and athletic? Hour glass shaped? Broad shoulders? Wide hips? Apple shaped? Orange shaped? Carrot shaped? Peanut shaped? Long legs? Short torso? Long fingers? Big nose? Flat butt? Large calves? Long neck? Big head? High cheek bones?

Chances are you fall into one of these extremely scientific body shape categories because we all do. We’re all mostly the same and it’s easy to figure out the exact best way for you to workout in order for you to look like a super model and still eat hamburgers with a milkshake every day for dinner.

If you decided you are peanut shaped, please know that there’s a hit of sarcasm in the top two paragraphs. (Click here for a hilarious BuzzFeed Video - Signs You’ve Found Your Sarcastic Soulmate)

The best way to workout for your body types depends on exactly one thing: how do you like working out? What’s going to keep you motivated? What are your goals?


There’s no one that can answer all of these questions for you except for you. (Because, remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH!)


There’s no trainer or gym owner that can tell you that they can offer you the best kind of workout either. It might be their favorite kind of workout but that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be your favorite kind of workout. The bottom line is that if you don’t enjoy it and don’t want to do the work, it won’t work. Maybe you go every day for a month and you really start to see results, but every time you go you are waiting for it to end… you’re waiting to go home. And every day it gets harder and harder to get out of your car and walk into the gym. That workout isn’t for you. Or maybe it’s not the right community. A lot of gyms have a pretty specific type of individual that they cater to and that might not be the type of community that you’re looking to find. 

The type of workout that is the best type of workout for you, is the one where you look forward to going. HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that you’re just going to pick up a workout routine just like that and go every day. Structure supports intuition - what does that mean? It means that you need to start scheduling your workouts AND ACTUALLY GO, and then before you know it, it’s not that hard to squeeze one into your busy day. You’ll learn to love the endorphins that pump through your body during and after a workout. You’ll learn to love the way you feel. You’ll learn to love to workout. 

But before we get to ahead of ourselves with this whole “you’ll learn to love to workout” thing, let’s define what “working out” actually is. For some, it’s going to the gym, lifting weights, running on the treadmill, watching a video on the elliptical and then trying to do some pull ups. But for most of us, it’s a lot different (thank goodness):


Nick Wanczak clearing his driveway with a saw... that's one way to do it Nick! Photo courtsey of  The Tennessean

Nick Wanczak clearing his driveway with a saw... that's one way to do it Nick! Photo courtsey of The Tennessean

A workout can be: 

Yoga (like at Shakti Power Yoga)

Taking a walk (at Edwin Warner or Percy Warner perhaps)

Taking a jog (have you been to Radnor)

Shoveling the ice out of your driveway (your driveway any day this week…)

Crossfit (On The End on West End has great trainers and small classes)

HIIT training (like at GetFit615 or Results Fitness!)

Barre (Barre Amped, Barre3, actual ballet at the Nashville Ballet Community Classes…)

Cycling (Krank)

Twerkout (Code JAY)

Rock Climbing (Climb Nashville)

Boxing (HotBox, Music City Boxing, Title Boxing)… 

You get the point. Anything can be a workout as long as you’re getting your heart rate up and getting your sweat on and HAVING FUN! 


Now lets define “having fun” because we all know that the actual activity is going to be difficult. Your muscles are going to burn, you’re going to start sweating, you might actually be sore the next day! But “having fun” happens all throughout the workout and even sticks around afterwards. Part of what makes a workout fun is the community that surrounds you - are the people that go there inviting? Do they make you want to be there? Do they motivate you? Is the trainer fun? Is he or she uplifting? Does he or she push you a little harder in a positive way? Does he or she actually care about you? Another thing that makes the workout fun is it’s level of difficulty. Think Little Red Riding Hood for a second - if it’s too hard for you, you won’t like it. If it’s too easy, you won’t like it. If it’s just right… that’s the one for you!


But now let’s talk goals… If your goal is to try to look like a supermodel and still eat hamburgers every day, I can go ahead and tell you that you will fail at this. If you’re a small dude and you’re looking to get big and bulky but you really love going to barre, maybe you should reassess your goals. Why do you want to get big and bulky? Do you really want to put all that effort into eating ass loads of chicken and peanut butter when you hate lifting weights? Again, that’s your call. If you’re a chick with an athletic build and you’re looking for that long and lean look but you really like doing HIIT training, you’re probably not going to get super long and lean… but you also might have to realize that your body is not build long and lean. Just keep doing what you like! Just keep having fun! 


So let 2015 be your year to find a workout that you actually like! If you’re having trouble finding that, I would love to help! If you need some advice or a workout buddy, just shoot me an email at I would LOVE to come and try something new with you and see if it’s your thing. Who knows, it might turn into my thing too!


Another great resource is ClassPass! It let's you go to all sorts of different gyms around town for just one monthly membership! Read more about it here.