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Whole30 Chicken "Noodle" Soup

I'm not a chef. I don't bake... ever. All I really do is cook stuff. To be honest, I really only like using one pot too. I also don't ever make a grocery list of things that I'll need to make my next big recipe. Because there never is a next big recipe.... I just cook stuff.  

Happy 615 Day!!!

Happy National 615 Day! June 15... 6/15. That's today!! 

What's that mean here in Nashville? It means support your local favorites! So here's a list of some of my local favorites:


Shakti Power Yoga - This community... swoon. Owned and operated by the incredible Farina sisters who have always called Nashville home. Sometimes their precious parents stop by to help with things around the house, as loving parents do :) It's a family and they are so open to making you part of it. 

I've got a serious Girl Crush on Castilleja in Edgehill Village. In fact, I was there today getting a fathers day present. As a fitness professional, I always have water with me and these days it's always in my S'well water bottle which the amazing Hayley who owns the joint has gotten me hooked on. Hot for 12 hours (aka, my coffee, provided by Edgehill Cafe) and cold for 24 (aka, the water that would now be hot had it been in a regular water bottle throughout my class at Shakti)!

Music City Mise... because she provides locally sourced and fully prepped food to my belly. 

Stand Up Paddleboarding with Nashville Paddle Co - because laughing and sweating and sunscreen is exactly how I like to spend my weekends. 

Percy Priest - specifically the stairs at Belle Meade. I go up them once, run/jog/walk the white trail and then shower. Immediately. The sweat...

Lightning 100 - today they're playing ALL local music! Because it's National 615 day! Support your local artists and call in with some requests!

Porter Road Butcher - if you follow GetFit615 on Insta, you already know this. But I can't even express how important locally sourced and humanely raised meat is. It's healthier for you. It's healthier for the animal. And it's healthier for this planet. PRB is doing things right and I support that. 

The Turnip Truck - Every day. Sometimes twice. Best little grocery shop - go to the one in the Gulch for their hot bar at lunch. Having some sort of sickness or not feeling good? Talk to Miss Dolly. She literally cares for me like a mother.

OnTheEnd Crossfit - because if i'm going to lift really heavy stuff, I'm going to do it with people that support me and make me laugh and who also went to Belmont and who also can't keep their eyes open in pictures.  

The Yacht Club Co. - The owner texts me "cool beans." I like that. They sell shirts. They also make the incredible 615 shirt that you keep seeing everywhere! Click on the link and then shop GetFit615.

The Blowout Co. - They do your hair. They do your wedding hair. They do your date night hair. They do your oh-you-think-I-did-this-myself hair. They're amazing and kind and inspire me every day to do exactly what makes me happy. 


Those are just some of my favorite places. And I think they should be some of yours too! But if there not that's ok!! What are some of your favorite things to do in Nashville that didn't make this list?


Give ClassPass a Shot in Nashville, TN!

There’s a new fitness trend sweeping the Nashville area and beyond—ClassPass! ClassPass is a monthly multi-gym membership that allows participants to try out a huge variety of fitness classes at different gyms around town in order to gain new experiences and see what might be the best fit for you.

In addition to GetFit615 on Music Row, participating gyms include a few of our favorites:

Emma Poliseno: Holy Shitballs, Opportunities.

I’ve had this thing lately. There have been the same three things written on my daily, weekly and monthly to-do/inspire lists that I just haven’t done. It would probably only take me a few hours to knock them out but I just don’t do them. Sometimes its because I don’t have time. Sometimes its because I actively choose not to do them. When there are multiple opportunities that will crack you open and bring in the good stuff why do we not do them? Why am I putting myself and these opportunities off?