Tough Conversations and Why They're Important

Before I tell you the words I responded, let me tell you, I was shook. I was embarrassed. I was a little mad because I feel like maybe she had taken my words out of context! But then I had to check that and go, "Look Kate. This woman admires your work and appreciates what you do. She's not attacking you. She's standing up for what she believes in and knows that you guys are in the same boat. Soften. Listen. You would do the same thing." 


lululemon + Strava Challenge

I’m not trying to win any awards. I’m not trying to push myself through the pain. I’m not trying to grin and bear it. I’m not needing to find a new label in “competitive runner” or “athlete” or “fastest runner” or “distance runner.” I’m just trying something new to see how it goes and what I might learn. I’m getting curious. I’m listening. I’m doing my best. I’m being compassionate with myself. I’m being grateful. I’m being a yes - to running, to my body, to my growth, to where I am in all of this right now. I’m just running.

Come As You Are - 2018

Spend your time and your money on things that are important to you please. Your time counts. Your money counts.

Be kind. Happy Thanksgiving.

Be Kind. Please be kind to your body this holiday season. Please be kind to your family. Please be kind to yourself (by setting boundaries with your family). And please PLEASE be kind to yourself and don’t buy into the “post turkey-day burn off” or whatever kind of language we’re all beginning to see.

Music Row Sprints

We hit the next block at Chet Atkins Pl. and, through my wheezing, Hilary said, “Just imagine, one day our bodies won’t be able to do that. We must be grateful for that.” She’s so right. Before my grandfather died, he was on oxygen all the time. He had to carry around a tank to help him breathe because his lungs couldn’t get enough air in them to fuel his body. Can you imagine what he would have done to be able to do a sprint and have his lungs be filled with fresh autumn air? Can you imagine what he would have done to be able to just walk up the stairs at his home to get to his library. Hilary said, “You sound like a little steam engine” because I find this pattern in my breathing: inhale for two steps, exhale for two steps. And when I’m really going, that little steam engine gets pretty loud and just rolls. It’s invigorating to think about the amount of air that goes in and out of our lungs and our bodies - the way our heart has to pump to make that happen. The way our muscles are firing. The way things are moving inside our bodies. Everything that happens after we move like that, as our body settles. That rush of adrenaline that happens.

Re: Africa Updates

As you know, I have been in Tanzania for the past two weeks. I chronicled my trip with my family via email and am excited to share those. It was challenging often and I wouldn’t trade any of those challenging moments for any non-challenging moments ever. And, I really wanted to take the time on this trip to disconnect from social media and really connect with my surroundings. There was also so much during this trip that I felt I needed space to process and I felt that I couldn’t take that space if I was connecting via social media. Thank you for understanding why getFIT615 and I have been offline for a few weeks.

Being a Yes to Saying No :: Vanderbilt's PREVAIL Women's Leadership Conference

Boundaries are hugely important in running your own business (and your own life) - and learning how to set them kindly is something that I do all day every day. When I first opened my business, I was a “yes” person. I wanted to be involved in every single thing all the time. And then I learned that, in the words of Mark Manson, “if it’s not a “fuck yes, it’s a no.” And that’s when it really clicked for me: In order for me to continue being authentic, I was going to have to learn how to say no. It’s important to note that I’m still a yes person! I’m just saying yes to things that are authentic to me and to my business. By saying no when I need to, I am creating the space to say yes to the things that really matter. 

Tanzania :: A Pre-Trip Update

We say, "Shine! Who are you not to?!" all the time because this is not only a wonderful and light way of thinking about life, but it's also grounded and so real. Who are you not to? Who are you not to do stuff that lights your soul on fire? Who are you not to do stuff that scares you? Who are you not to be real in this life? Who are you not to stand up for someone else? Who are you not to stand up for yourself and ask for what you need and set boundaries?! Who are you to spend so much time watching dog videos on the internet that you don't have time to be big? 

Taylor Swift's Look What You Made Me Do: A Life Lesson on Personal Responsibility

Take a step back… you are the underlying theme in all of your relationships. So, if you’re having the same problem in a bunch of your relationships, it’s you. We can sugar coat this all we want… but the truth is, the issue is you. You can want for this other person to change with all your heart, you can ask them to, you can tell them you’re going to leave them if they don’t, you can threaten your heart out… but they probably won’t. And even if they do, it probably won’t fix it. So how about you change. You can tell someone all day long, "look what you made me do!" But you did that... they didn't make you do that. You did that.