Getting out of the house is hard when it's this cold. So maybe, instead of beating yourself up for not going on a run today, do this inside instead (also, stop beating yourself up about everything! You are enough!).

45 seconds on 15 seconds rest


Run your stairs with one burpee at the top and one at the bottom. 3x


“Box Jumps” – 3x

Start in a squat position. Then, with both feet, jump to the second or third stair. Stand all the way up at the top. Step back down to the floor. Repeat.


Jumping Jacks – 3x


Pushups – 3x

Use the stairs to create an incline – this will actually help you get stronger. Dropping to your knees on a pushup does help make the pushup easier, but you’re losing so much of the benefit when you do this.


Slow Mountain Climbers – 3x

Find a high pushup position (you can use an incline here if you need to). Bring your right knee into your forehead – now bring it a little closer to your forehead. Slowly. Shoot it back. Now switch legs. Keep switching legs. The slower you do this and the closer you bring your knee into your forehead, the more benefit you’ll receive.


Forearm Plank – 3x


Broad Jumps – Stair edition

Time to get that heart rate back up! This move is just like a box jump but you’ll continue going up. So start in that bottom squat position and explode up to the second or third stair, stand up. Keep going up the stairs in that same fashion. Jog back down when you get to the top. Repeat.