I can't stand it when people say, "I hate working out." I makes me so sad. It makes me sad because our society has defined workout as this thing that mostly sucks - and the goal for most people is to lose weight. For so many people, "working out" looks like an hour on the elliptical and a few bicep curls - and yeah, for me, that sucks (also, for the record, that'll hardly help you lose weight). That's the whole reason that I started GetFit615 - to show people that working out is fun! That it doesn't have to be boring - That there are gyms and groups out there who yes, are there to get fit, but they're also there because they want to be, because their day wouldn't be complete without it. 

We all have reasons for doing what we do. Your reasons for working out and getting sweaty might be totally different from mine and that's totally ok.

So here's why I workout:

  1. I sit at a desk all day and I hate that - My body hates that. I get up from a long hard day at the office and I have aches and pains all over my 24 year old body and I hate that. But when I go workout afterwards, those aches and pains go from being a "bad hurt" to being a "good hurt." I took ballet growing up and when you said something hurt, my teacher would always ask "is it a bad hurt or is it a good hurt?" A bad hurt is what happens when you sprain your ankle or when you have a crazy amount of knots in your back from hunching over your keyboard. A good hurt is when your quads start to quiver in your high lunge position or when your hamstring is stretching and releasing toxin buildup and giving your body mobility. Thanks to my ballet teacher, I know the difference. Your body will thank you if you learn the same. 
  2. I feel powerful - I'm not normally the strongest chick in the room, but I'm never the weakest. I like knowing that when a table needs moving, I can help; and when my boyfriend and I move into our new house, we don't need to hire movers. It makes me feel like my body can contribute.
  3. I like the way it has changed my perspective - Yoga has taught me that nearly everything can be fixed by taking a deep breath. Sometimes I can feel myself get so mad at work situations, and instead of causing an uproar (or just basically telling someone to f*&% off), I can take a breath and get my thoughts together and rationally explain my position. This works most of the time :) It helps me realize what is important.
  4. I like feeling strong - I have recently started dabbling in some Crossfit... earlier when I said that I was never the weakest person in the room, I may have lied. I am sometimes at Crossfit - but I'm totally cool with that. This past week, we have been testing our PRs on certain things. I learned that I can back squat 185# (some of you just read that as "only 185#" and some of you just read that as "185#!") I'm excited about it because I've never even tried to back squat 185# before! Go me!
  5. It makes me feel alive - When I leave a workout all covered in sweat with my heart pounding and my lungs pumping, I am reminded how amazing my body is and what an honor it is to be alive. I realize how lucky I am to be a part of so many amazing communities around Nashville. During a yoga class you can just feel the energy in a room vibrate - your power and your energy can lift up the person next to you and help release them from their mind that is currently telling them they can no longer hold navasana. And in a Crossfit class, the encouragement, the loud and invigorating motivation that comes from the coaches and your peers is enough to convince you that you actually can (and want to!) keep doing burpees until the buzzer goes off. That camaraderie and that stimulation, makes me feel alive. 
  6. It helps my body function properly - working out regularly literally helps my food digest better, it helps me sleep and it keeps me alert throughout the day. Sometimes I have lazy days and that's ok... our bodies need to rest every now and again.


In summation: working out makes me feel good and I like to feel good.


I want people to stop going to the gym because they "should." I hate that word. You "should" exercise because it makes you feel good. Find stuff that you like. And just because a whole lot of people like Crossfit and Yoga doesn't mean that you have to! And it doesn't increase or decrease your worth or your ability just because you do or do not do either!




Also, don't put a marathon on your bucket list just to cross it off... do it because you will look back on that training and that race and think to yourself, "wow, I'm awesome."


Namaste y'all. Namaste.