Growing up, my family drove a blue Oldsmobile station wagon - it was the biggest car my dad had ever owned and it proudly wore a bumper sticker that said "Think Globally, Act Locally..." 

That's where it all began for me.

I've been working on myself a lot recently, and now it's time for me to help my neighbors.

GetFit615 started because, if you want to change the world you have to be that change. So my goal with GetFit615 is to help turn Nashville into a greener city with a beautiful community of people (that I know are already out there) who love to live a healthy lifestyle, for themselves and for each other!

I think it starts in the kitchen - I won't go into my own beliefs on the meat or dairy industries, or discuss my POV on big ag... just yet. But we've lost that love of being in the kitchen together as families. My mother used to take us to the grocery with her on her shopping days so we could learn about how to pick our good produce and that the middle aisles were only full of "garbage." A lady named Rose always gave us a freshly baked cookie from the in-store bakery. And then we would cook the food together. It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth it - because food is what fuels our lives. We literally can't live without it, so shouldn't we have little more respect for the food that we put in our bodies?! Shouldn't we at least respect our bodies enough to fill them with good, whole, nutritious foods? I think so... but a lot of people don't, or just don't care. 

I think it continues to "exercise." Do we have to call it that? I feel like "exercise" is like a duty. It's something that everyone "should" do. So how about we call it sweating... we all sweat, and we should all try to do something that makes us sweat every day! OUR BODIES WERE MADE TO MOVE. OUR BODIES WERE MADE TO SWEAT! Getting up from your desk to walk to the refrigerator doesn't count... but you know what does? Getting up from your desk and walking to a local cafe for lunch. I'm not saying that you should be dripping in sweat by the time you get back, but perhaps, on a beautiful day here in Nashville, your brow might glisten a little bit in the sun... and that counts! Make an effort to be kind to your body by letting it move and letting it sweat! 

A healthy lifestyle is something that helps us, our neighbors, our communities, our earth (the only earth that we have, by the way) and our children age beautifully. And don't we all want to age beautifully?

Help be the change you want to see in the world. Oh the places we'll go... :)

Thank you for being a part of GetFit615! We would love to hear your thoughts, your concerns, and your questions. We look forward to growing with you as a community!