Making New Years Resolutions is hard. We normally don’t put all that much thought into them, but through January a lot of passion is put forth regarding these resolutions… then we fall off the wagon.

Let’s turn your 2015 New Years Resolutions into REVOLUTIONS by creating S.M.A.R.T. Goals.


What’s a  S.M.A.R.T. Goal?

  • Specific – what EXACTLY do you want to accomplish?
  • Measurable – how will you know that you have accomplished this goal?
  • Attainable – can you actually accomplish this goal? Be COMPLETELY honest with yourself.
  • Relevant – so you’ve set a goal… do you actually want to accomplish it? Is it worth it? Write down your reasons.
  • Timely – by when will your goal be accomplished? Not “fall” but September 15…

So here are some of my S.M.A.R.T. Goals for the year:


Stop pressing the snooze button

SPECIFIC GOAL – Stop pressing the snooze button

MEASURABLE – This is an on-going goal that will be measured daily when my alarm goes off.

ATTAINABLE – I know that to change this habit, I have to change this routine. The routine looks like this: alarm goes off (cue), I press snooze (habit), I relax back into my bed (reward).

I will change this to look like this: alarm goes off (cue), I GET UP AND MAKE COFFEE (yumm – new habit!), I relax back into my bed while the coffee brews (reward). The key here is that the cue and the reward have to stay the same. (Recommended reading on Habits: The Power Of Habit) It takes my coffee 4 minutes to brew and in the 4 minutes, I will turn on the lights and enjoy those minutes in my bed collecting my thoughts for the day.

I will also stop setting my alarm so early. I normally give myself 30 minutes of snooze time. I will eliminate this portion and just set my alarm for when I actually need to wake up.

RELEVANT – All my life I’ve been a “2 more minutes” person. Then my mornings are rushed and then I’m not fully present when I arrive where ever I’m supposed to be because I haven’t given myself enough time to get prepared in the morning. Also, pressing snooze doesn’t actually let me sleep more… it just makes me groggy! It’s a bad habit and I want to quit it!

TIMELY – This is a cold turkey S.M.A.R.T. Goal for the year – I will do this on January 1 and continue daily throughout the year. I will give myself grace when I fail, and hop back on the wagon the very next day.



Consume fewer refined sugars

SPECIFIC – Food with refined or added sugars is only allowed 1 day per month

MEASURABLE – This goal will restart monthly beginning January 1.

ATTAINABLE – Changing my eating habits as well as changing my mindset will accomplish this goal. Fortunately, I don’t struggle with eating sweets at home because I just don’t buy them. It’s when I’m out and about. So the habit looks like this: see sweet food and have craving (cue), eat sweet food (habit), feel satisfied (reward).

I will change this habit to: see sweet food and have craving (cue), drink water (habit), feel satisfied (reward).

I recognize that drinking water isn’t the same as eating a sweet food, but it will help curb my habit and change what it is that I reach for.

When I originally decided to limit my sugar intake, I had decided I would go all of 2015 without eating any added sugars. This had to be adjusted to “consume added sugars only one day per month” because cutting out added sugars for an entire year was only going to set me up for failure.

RELEVANT – Refined and added sugars make me feel sluggish. In my line of work, sluggish-ness really affects my body and my mood. When my body can’t perform and my mood isn’t positive and encouraging, my clients suffer and therefore my business suffers.

TIMELY – This goal will be accomplished monthly. Instead of setting a goal that takes an entire year, I will be able to press the reset button each month. This helps the goal feel less burdensome. 

Other Goals that I have for the year:

  • To be more present - when I'm talking to someone, actually be there with them. Who ever is calling, texting, or emailing can wait. I'm fortunate to get to spend my life with people that I love and I owe them the respect and love that they give me. The very least I can do is give presence.
  • To be more open - 2014 has been a whirlwind of opportunity for me and it's because I was open to happiness and open to opportunity and open to support. I find that the more open I am to being helped and being loved, the more happiness I tend to find. I want to keep it up for 2015!
  • To follow through - one of my goals for 2014 was to actually follow through with anything that I committed to. Sometimes I over committed and then I would have to back out and I hate that! I want people to respect my time so I am resolving to respect others time! I feel like I got good at putting things on my calendar in 2014 and I want to get even better at that in 2015 by learning how to say "no" to things that I actually don't want to do or put on my calendar. That way I don't have to back out.


What are some of your goals for 2015??