30 Days of Planks and Thanks!

You may have seen this awesome photo of Miriam with her toes in the TRX at the end of a class recently, and thought, "I'm pretty sure I can't do that." Well, to that I say, "shame on you! Of COURSE you can!" That's where we come in - this month, we are practicing our planks. By the end of the month, we'll be able to hold a 3 minute plank (or longer!)

Practice with us!

You can do this in the morning, you can do this at your office, you can do this anywhere! If you're about to make some "I don't have time" excuse, look at the time this takes - up to 3 minutes. That's it.

The more often you can drop down into a plank pose the easier this will be. Lower belly in ALWAYS. Think up through your sternum. Tighter is lighter here. Engage your quads, engage your calves, engage your core, belly button into your spine, gaze slightly forward and smile. You won't be here for long so just enjoy it. 

On December 1, GetFit615 will be picking someone (and their best friend in the entire world!) from Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to win a FREE unlimited month of GetFit615 classes!

Show us your progress! Show us where you stopdropandplank! Get creative! There are no rules here other than you must make sure you tag @getfit615 and #planksgiving to be entered to win!