So here we are, it’s the “Holiday Season” filled with booze, food, family, parties and presents. It’s overwhelming to think about the Holiday Season! This might help: the “Holiday Season” really starts when football season starts – that’s when the beer, the dips, the wings and the friends start coming over. And then it’s Halloween – cheap, sugary, processed candy for weeks! Then Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve…

And then it abruptly ends. We’re feeling broke, bloated, cold, and unmotivated. And that’s because, for the past 4 months, you’ve lost track of “real-life.” You’ve stopped saying “no” when you’ve had enough to eat, you’ve stopped exercising, and you’ve probably stopped taking any time to yourself.

So don’t give up your favorite glass of wine or your grandmother’s pecan pie, just learn to have a little bit of self-love this Holiday Season and find some balance!

Top 5 Things To Keep You Balanced During the Holidays:

1) Sweat Everyday

Sweating is one of your body’s avenues for releasing toxins. Toxic build up can lead to migraines, weight gain, fatigue and many other symptoms of toxicity. By sweating, you are giving your body the opportunity to release and let go of those toxins in order to regain balance.

Affirmation for moving and sweating daily: “I want to sweat every day because it makes me feel happier and healthier!”

2) Drink Water

If you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated! Staying hydrated is one of the most important things you can do to keep your body in balance and to help your skin have a natural glow. It also keeps your digestive system happy (the main way we detox is by using the bathroom! So by keeping your digestive system happy, and keeping stuff moving, the more balanced and less bloated we'll feel.) Drinking Herbal Teas can also be a great way to hydrate while receiving other benefits from the herbs. Check out High Garden Tea in East Nashville for more information on herbal teas!

Tip: Keep a water bottle with you all of the time so your water is accessible. I like a Nalgene or S’well water bottle. You can always get a Nalgene at Cumberland Transit, and a recent favorite little shop is over in Edgehill Village called Castilleja and they have S'wells.

3) Treat Yourself

It is not that one piece of pie that leads to your weight gain and toxicity, it’s the fourth or fifth. Chronic behaviors lead to symptoms and cravings, so stay balanced by treating yourself occasionally.

Affirmation: “ My body does not need all of the excess. One piece is enough. I am satisfied.”

4) Have fun

Having fun and letting loose is SO healthy. Laughing and spending time with friends reminds you who you are and what life is really about. Make sure that every activity is not revolving around food or alcohol. Take time to go for hikes or have a tea party instead!

Tip: Instead of going out to eat and drinks with friends, try this: Plan to go to practice yoga, go for a hike and then go to the farmers market together to get things to make for dinner at home. Then laugh, prepare and cook it all together!

5) Quiet Time

Balancing social time with some quiet time will allow you to reflect and enjoy the silence. Take some shameless time to yourself to read a book or go on a walk or get back in the gym.


The Holidays don't have to be so hard. Listen to what your body needs and honor it.