Nashville Workout Gear

So present time is upon us! Oh, sorry... I mean, The Holidays! Anyway, so now is an amazing time to stock up on things (that are on sale) for your loved ones (and yourself)! With a New Year, comes New Year's resolutions, or as I like to call them, revolutions! And we will all resolve to live a healthier lifestyle this year right?! So let's actually turn that resolution that you've made for the last 5-10 years into a revolution this year! We can start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) and discuss gear/attire that you do actually need in order to make a go of this revolution. And maybe, just maybe, this year it will stick and come 2016, you can focus on all new resolutions!

We all struggle to find the right clothes for our different life activities. We work, we run, we shop, we sit, we sweat, we lounge, we hike... and sometimes we do all of those things back to back. How is one supposed to live their life doing things they love instead of doing laundry all freaking day long?! 

These days it's not workout gear vs. life gear. We all know the jean industry is going out of business because of the yoga pant business right? Thank goodness because I don't even like sitting at a desk in jeans! And guys, chances are, you can just as easily wear a polo shirt to work, on the golf course and at the gym - if you get the right fabric. 

So here's a list of great places to shop in Nashville and what the best finds are:

1. lululemon - Hill Center

lulu is great for - yoga and yoga related gear, running, crossfit, weight lifting, golfing, every-day, hiking, sweaters (omg the sweaters)...

Most highly recommended items for women - Wunder Under Pant, Flow Y Bra IV

Most highly recommended items for men - Surge Short 7", Studio Tee

Tips for shopping at lulu -  

3 words - T H E   S A L E   R A C K!

lulu's sale racks aren't full of crap, they're just full of last season's stuff. I'm ok with last season's stuff. Next, if you're new to lulu, don't be shy! Their staff is amazeballs and they are so willing to help you. Tell them how you like to workout and they will help you find the right gear! The best part about lulu is "once a 6, always a 6." I never have to shop around for the right pant size because I know I wear a 6 at lulu. 

2. Reebok Outlet in Opry Mills

Eww Opry Mills... I know, I know. But you'll thank me. 

Reebok is great for - SHOES. 

Most highly recommended items for women - CrossFit Nano 4.0 - these are not for runners, but they're basically for anyone else. Don't let the whole CrossFit thing scare you off here. I promise you they're amazing. 

Most highly recommended items for men - CrossFit Nano 4.0 - same goes for the guys here: these aren't for long distance running, don't let the whole CrossFit thing scare you, I promise they're amazing...

If you're looking for running, go see the folks at Fleet Feet in Green Hills. They are experts at fitting for runners.


3. Athleta - Green Hills Mall

Athleta is great for - women - yoga, running, day-to-day...

Most highly recommended items for women - Static Drifter CapriCashmere Crave Sweater

Tips for shopping at Athleta - Try everything on! Sometimes you're going to be a small, sometimes not. Wiggle around in things - For instance, I LOVE my Static Drifter Capris, but they suck for jumping jacks because they fall down around my waist. Don't get stuck in the sweater section for too long because you will. buy. everything.


4. Nike - Opry Mills

Just make a day of it at Opry Mills - go to Off Broadway while you're at it. Or a movie!

Anyway, Nike is great for - runners, CrossFit, standard Gym gear

My most prized Nike possessions are my Nike Pro Classic Sports Bras. They're amazing for anything that's high intensity - box jumps, burpees, running, mountain climbers...

They make great compression anything so dudes, if you need that...


5. Cumberland Transit - West End Ave

CT is great for - "Travel, Climb, Fish, Paddle, Hike"

Most highly recommended brand at CT - Patagonia (this is my own personal opinion because I'm wearing this, this and this all winter)

Tips for shopping at CT -  

A S K   AN   E M P L O Y E E    F O R   H E L P!   These people work here because they LOVE the outdoors - ask them what they like, ask them where to go, ask them anything!

BONUS: Your gym!

Gyms are a great place to get gear because usually it's exactly what you need. And most of the time they're branded and aren't you proud that you go there?! Show it off!!


Pants and shoes are the most important parts about your workout attire because they need to be functional. Shirts are pretty versatile. However, (PSA ALERT) ladies, your bodies are amazing! Stop trying to hide them underneath giant gross t-shirts that just collect your sweat and make you uncomfortable in down-dog, planks, anything that's jumping, running, spinning... everything. Purchase 2-3 good shirts that you feel motivated in, and that are actually comfortable and functional, and just rotate. 

So let this year be a revolution! Show the world what you're made of and stick with your resolution all year - actually live a healthy lifestyle! Feel better, look better, sleep better, live better, be better! Think of all the amazing things that can happen!